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ENO 2610A

ENO 2610A
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Flexible, but permanent, interactive classroom solution

The versatile eno one height-adjustable wall mount brings a flexible, yet permanent interactive solution to the front of the classroom. Gliding the board up or down brings math problems to eye-level. The unobtrusive ultra-short throw projector minimizes shadows and glare. And, the dedicated projector icon strip gives the teacher more control—right at the board. No matter the teaching style or accessibility challenge, eno one meets teachers and students wherever they are.

The eno one advantage

eno one simplifies purchasing for districts, installation for schools, instruction for teachers and comprehension for students. With its eno interactive whiteboard, PolyVision ultra-short throw projector, educational software, and adjustable mount in a single solution from one provider, eno one allows teachers to begin teaching while other schools are still in the purchase process.

Features at a glance

  • Flexibility - Save valuable lesson time by controlling and interacting with eno, the projector and peripherals in one place: at the board. Teachers are always ready to demonstrate key concepts from the front of the classroom.
  • Personalized learning on their level - Students and teachers of any height comfortably interact with lesson content with a simple lift or push of the handle. Wheelchair accessibility enables special needs students go from struggling to participate in lessons, to working at the board with confidence.
  • More time for lessons - Integration of eno one’s multi-user, multi-media and multi-functional features enable quick lesson reference and seamless instruction. A fun learning environment is guaranteed for all.
  • Uncomplicated training - With just one solution to learn, teachers use dedicated buttons to manipulate the board and projector and seamlessly teach with the software they have always known and loved, maximizing valuable classroom time.
  • Maximized budgets - Purchasing and support from one company, coupled with simple installation, reduces time and costs for schools and districts seeking to get the most from their interactive technology implementation.
  • Cleaner and greener classrooms - The eno board is environmentally certified, is recyclable and made with PolyVision’s virtually indestructible e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ surface. So, choosing the eno one interactive classroom solution helps conserve natural resources and ensures clean air in the classroom—protecting our earth and children for generations.

Only eno by PolyVision offers the greenest and lowest total cost of ownership interactive whiteboard on the market. How? eno is environmentally certified, offers a Forever Warranty™ on the dry-erase and interactive surface, requires no power or costly installation and runs with software you already have or may add in the future. So simple to use, eno can grow with you and lasts as long as your school. We guarantee it.

Empower your interactive whiteboard lessons

PolyVision offers training options that enable teachers to turn ordinary interactive whiteboard lessons into captivating sessions for today's learners. Using PolyVision solutions, our education consultants build training options based on client needs and new product releases.

PolyVision training offerings for educators include:

Keeping up with fast-emerging technology and new trends in education is a daunting task.  Integrating technology and pedagogical innovations into lessons that are meaningful for today’s students is critical for the success of students and schools.

PolyVision training and professional development addresses:

  • Internet tools & resources
  • Common Core Standards and STEM
  • Assessment tools and differentiate instruction

The result is teachers that utilize the latest technology and pedagogy solutions to create a more engaged classroom where students and teachers are motivated to excel.

Any Short Throw / Ultra Short Throw Projector is so easy to be installed to the Projector Arm which is specially designed for flexibility use.

Another look with trolley...

Significant & Useful Magnetic Flexible Icon Stripe, all these symbols & signs indicate different writing & drawing features which help enhancing the presentation works.

Interactive Stylus Pen which uses a AAA battery...


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