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ID Card Software & Program

ID Card Software & Program

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Membership & Rewards

Nothing makes a customer feel more that their business is valued than being part of an exclusive group. Part of running a successful business is customer centricity, and our software make it simple to add that air of exclusivity to your business with membership rewards programs.

Membership does indeed have its privileges, and our's software have options for membership and rewards programs that are the right fit for your business. You come up with the creative program, and our's integrated solutions enables that program in all of your channels. No matter how your customers choose to shop with you, they will retain their membership status and rewards.

With us, you can:
Quickly add customers to membership groups at the point of sale or on-line
Increase customer loyalty by recognizing their value to your business
Easily reward your customers with automatic discounts

Your loyalty program doesn't have to stop there.We can even give your members exclusive products and discounts when they shop online through members-only pages. Those loyal customer will come back again and again.

You can take your membership programs to the next level with club sales.

Loyalty for Club Management

Increase Customer Loyalty with
Improved Customer Service

You can spend less time managing and processing your Clubs, and more time selling your products.
Grow your Clubs. Your Customers can easily signup on-line or in your tasting room either at your POS or kiosk. They can also buy gift memberships.
Manage your Members. Your staff or your Customers can self-manage their profile information. This includes PCI compliant payment methods, shipping addresses or pick-up orders and individual Membership preferences.
Process your Clubs. You simply batch create your orders with a few clicks and process your Clubs. Automated real-time compliance checks through ShipCompliant and payment collection. Easily manage fulfillment and shipping.

Loyalty at the POS in your store

Know your best customers and easily
manage loyalty from signup to rewards

Recent studies by leading Industry Analysts show that applying smart Loyalty Programs can have a big impact on both your revenues and profits.
You can increase transaction frequency from loyal Customers 5% to triple digits
Participating Customers spend as much as 35% more per purchase
Improved Customer retention, compounded over time, has a substantial impact on your bottom line

Our Program Software for your Point of Sale is a powerful, yet easy to use solution, that helps you better target your Customers with specific benefits and rewards. Your Customers will be happy with a Membership tailored to their unique needs and you will be able to maximize your revenues.

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