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Paper Shredder

5 Reasons to shred your documents

1. It is the law- It is confidential waste, such as medical records, salary details or personal details, must be legally disposed of properly under the Privacy Act data. These documents should be shredded before disposal to ensure that data remains confidential people.

2. To protect against identity theft- Identity theft has become a common crime with criminals searching through garbage to extract personal information about others. If someone has got hold of the coordinates of an individual instance, they would be much easier to apply for a credit card under their name.

3. You can save time- Manually tear or cut documents may take some time, not to mention the threat of paper cuts! Shredding documents is a quick and easy way to dispose of documents that are no longer needed.

4. It makes recycling easier- Most companies are eager to highlight their green credentials and paper recycling is a way for companies to show their customers and competitors that they care about the environment. Shredding documents makes recycling easier than the shredded paper can simply be bagged and taken to a recycling point or collected by a recycling company.

5. Your information will remain confidential- Corporate companies tend to document everything from meeting notes to staff details, future commercial developments to sales figures. Imagine if they got into the wrong hands? Shredding documents can give companies the peace of mind that people do not delve into their old papers to find the future plans of a company.

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