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Medical Papers

We have been dealing with the Video Printers & Consumables supplies since 2005, we have managed to supply our products to many Medical Centres, Medical Suppliers, Medical Universities & Clinics, they're majority buying Medical Paper Consumables for their Thermal Printer which is working with their Ultrasounds / Endoscopy Machines.

In Medical sector, Quality product is a MUST to most of the end-user, therefore, we always ensure that our customers are getting only Best Quality Full Original Replacement Paper for their Medical Printers

Our Quality Direct Thermal Films for medical video printers are made for printing high resolution Ultrasounds scanning images, based on most of the doctors' positive feedbacks, our papers are highly recommended for making accurate & highly sensitive medical diagnoses.

All Our Papers are:

UV-Cured and has a high-gloss surface

Perfect Resistance to Water

Extra High Optical Density

Perfectly fits SONY, MITSUBISHI & TOSHIBA Thermal Printers

EC Declaration of Conformity

Certified to ISO 9001

Certified to ISO 14001


Fully Original Replacement & 100% Compatible Medical Video Printer Papers for Video & Ultrasounds Devices.

Specially for Printers like:


UP-D897, 970A,D25MD, 990AD,D23MD, DR80MD, D55, D711MD, D21MD, D71XR,

D2550S, D8800, D50, D860, D2600, D8800A, D75MD, D890, D2600S, D70/D70A, D895/D895MD, D5500,D70XR, D2500.


P93W(P-91W), P93DW(P-91DW), P-91DW(UB),P-500W, P-95DW, CP-2000UA, CP-2000DU, CP-8000DW, CP-800DW, CP-800UM,

CP-770DW, CP-900UM, CP-910U



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